Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dude, Where's My Phone?

I know it's around here somewhere. I had it last night when I was surfing the kitty blogs. It was right here when I was reading Robyn's blog... and when I clicked over on that fun link about the cat selfies... Where can it be????

"How you make this work? Are Simba's whiskers in focus?"

"This would be SO much easier with thumbs."

"You see Simba now?"

"Hi Mama Lady!"

"Simba, why you hogging the phone? Let Ruby have a turn."

"Which part does Roo touch to make the clicky noise?"

"Does Ruby look okay?"

"Is this better?"

"Hey, Mama Lady? Roo is tired of 'selfies'. This is good enough, okay?"

"Max has this covered."


"Whoa, that flash is bright!"

"Much better... now how about a close up of Mae to remember her by?"

"Wait, she's WHERE?"


Found it.


  1. Uh oh....and they forgot to delete the evidence

  2. LOL-that is one of the best posts you've had recently.

  3. LOVE that last pic lol

    I'm going to miss seeing Mae's bee-yoo-tee-ful face but I'm so very happy someone is going to love her to bits!


  4. MOL! You kitties are so funny, and so darn cute in your selfies!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. I can not tell you how much I adore this post.. :) well done.. well done in deed

  6. Cheese Mama Lady had me laughing out loud!