Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Whole New World

After days of fighting the onslaught of kittens at the foster room door, I opened it up and let them go.  Made it easier to clean their room while they were out exploring anyway ;-)
One by one the teeny tiny tabbies trickled out the door.
This one happened to be a teeny tiny Shelby.
They explored under the furniture,
wiggled their toes in the carpet,
climbed on top of anything that would hold their weight,
and taste-tested...
Kittens in sunbeams...
starting trouble.

You don't want to miss Part 2 of the adventure tomorrow.... trust me.


The Inevitable Post About Poop

Yep, this section is about poop.  If it's not your thing, skip ahead to the next line of stars.  I'll reward you for your patience when you get there.

During the Great Ringworm Drama of 2012, I frequently comforted myself with the following thought: "At least my kittens don't have diarrhea like Robyn and Connie's kittens."  Now that we've entered Fall Pooptacular 2012, I can say "At least my kittens don't have ringworm."

Mother Jefferson arrived strangely swollen last Thursday.  She spent over 24 hours at the vet while they examined her and waited her out.  The assumption was constipation.  She started pooping 2 days after she got here.  Good golly, I'm betting she had weeks worth in there.  Poop upon poop upon poop... piles bigger than any of her kittens.  She's finally evening out.  Thank goodness, because...

Apparently a field trip to the great housedoors is all fun and games until somebody poops in a corner.  Not that I can blame the poor little dumpling... he was sick.  In the next few hours I personally witnessed diarrhea from 3 out of 5 Adams kittens.  I'm assuming the other 2 feel the same.  This is the time when I count myself lucky to be in the internet age along with other fosters who have recently linked to old posts about poop.  Yes, Robyn Anderson, I'm looking in your direction.  All I had to do is rack my brain to remember the last kitten of yours with the same malady (That would be His Royal Highness Anthony RH Picklehead for those of you out of the loop). 

By the way, I've now bookmarked this page.  I'm proud to say that I already had a can of pure pumpkin in the pantry.  4 Adams kittens decided to eat the pumpkin.  The fifth is the one who really needed it.  I have the vet on speed-dial by now.  Will be calling her in the morning to find out what's going on with the munchkins.  Feel free to add more advice to the comments, please and thank you.

By the way, the extra-special part I promised you tomorrow has nothing to do with the poop at the end of the playdate.  You really do want to come back, I promise.


Thank You For Scrolling Down to the End of the Post

Look who I found on my camera Wednesday night
It's Henry, crashed out in the kitchen blinds after a busy morning of play.
I love that boy.
Porter begging for food in the kitchen.
He got a little coaching from Simba...
and came up to counter height for better results.
Oh how I love this boy too.


Today's Eyeball Count

Today's Jefferson Eyeball Count stands at 4.  Willie Rae opened her eyes today, just a bit but enough to see that there are actual eyeballs in the sockets.  From the looks of things I'm going to bet that both Lionel and Florence are peeking by the time you read this Thursday morning.  The stats...

Clay 2
Willie Rae 2

***Thursday Morning Update***

Florence has joined the scoreboard with 2 eyeballs.  Lionel is working on being next.  Roxie shows no sign of opening her eyes yet, although her ears are getting darker tipped gray and her paws are getting a bit of gray too.  Does this mean what I think it might?   


  1. Oh thank you for that bookmarked page. You are the universe dropping gold in my lap! Snorfy has had diarrhea type poop for 10 days now. Fortunately he is not increased frequency or ill in any other way - and his sister is perfectly fine! on the same diet! I'm gonna try some of these suggestions

    1. Glad to be muddling through it at an opportune time to help you out. Our kittens were much improved this morning. I even laced their morning pate with warmed pumpkin to see if we can make it even better.

  2. yep - welcome to the club. :) been there, done that....more than once.

  3. My kittens never had diarrhea, but I would have taken THAT any day over the FeLV scare and multiple blood tests!!! But, to keep the poo conversation going, I did notice worms in Sabrina's last night. (It's really larva from the constant battle with the fleas.) So trip to the vet this morning for medicine to put in her food tonight!

    Kittens eye balls!! All the better to give you looks of lurve, as well as looks of het! :)

    1. Honestly, this little poo problem is not that much of a worry. I'll take it any day over ringworm, FeLV, blood tests, and fleas. The box looks much better this morning. Not perfect, but improving.**

      **And there you have it, ladies and gentleman... Part of the glamour of kitten fostering is examining litter box leavings for consistency. :-)

  4. Hee - I'm glad to be your diarrhea connection! :D

    1. And I'm glad you were there for us! Looking much better this morning, so I skipped the call to the vet but reserve the right to call tomorrow if they're back up to old tricks.

  5. Kelly, sorry to hear of the drama you get to go through again but glad you were able to figure out a solution mostly. Your pictures are wonderful. Is that little Mally in the rug picture stretching her toes? The pictures of Porter and Henry made me a teeny bit sad. Such gorgeous boys and such limited pictures now. :( Hmm, how far away is MI from PA??

    1. It's a small drama, so not so bad. I honestly was laughing while saying "At least it's not ringworm". They seem so much better this morning that I skipped the call to the vet. Still keeping an eye on them, though.

      I'll be at adoption hours on Saturday afternoon and will take more photos of our kittens if they are still there. Eloise looks like such a grown-up lady... with big bat ears. Depending on what side of PA you're on, you could get here relatively quickly. Certainly in less than a day. ;-)

    2. Oops! Yes, that is Mally on the rug. That's her laying in the sunbeam too :-)

    3. :) Had to look it up Kelly. It would take between 8 1/2 to 10 hrs to get to you depending on which route I took according to Mapquest. I am in Harrisburg area. Maybe if you have any cuties left around Thanksgiving. I am scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh anyway so another 4-5 hr side trip from that might not be a big deal.

    4. I anticipate having the Jeffersons until early/mid November. If you want me to put one "on hold" for you, just let me know ;-)

  6. and that is why I don't let young kittens get too far away from a litter box! :) Robyn got most of my major tips (and a few I've never used) except the raw meat one..

    1. After weeks of good health, who knew they'd pick that exact moment to let loose? ;-) They certainly are irritated with me not letting them out of the foster room today.