Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The "Oh Boy" Update

Hey All...

I'm going quiet until Monday.  Things have gone a bit nuts.  Before I give you the details, just know that everyone is okay (or will be okay shortly).

A wave of serious upper respiratory swept through our rescue's facility at Petco.  We've got some pretty seriously ill kittens on our hands, including Henry :-(

He has a pretty high fever and is at the vet's office for the next 24 hours for medication and rehydration.  When he is okay to be released, he is coming home to me for the duration of the healing process... along with Tika and Abby (who will be spayed in the morning if their fevers are down and their conditions are under control before coming to our house).  They will be moving into the family room when they arrive.

Good thing my husband is gone, as he wants fewer kittens and not more in the house.  There will be fewer on Saturday morning... five fewer to be exact.  Petco is being bleached and sterilized daily between now and Saturday when the Adams kittens will move in during adoption hours.  (Of course, this is dependent on everything being healthy and ready for them... which we are anticipating will be done.  I will not leave them if there's a doubt... promise!)

We've re-shifted the Jeffersons back to the upstairs bathroom.  It's just easier to work around the bigger numbers with them up there for now.  They will get possession of the foster room when the Adams leave for Petco.

I'll take lots of pictures in the meantime, but I need the rest of my time/strength/sanity to deal with my kids' schedules and sick kittens.  If there is news to be shared, I will do so on the Facebook page and in updates at the end of this post.

I plan to be back on Monday with a super-size edition to get you back up to speed.


PS--- R-word results remain negative until we hear differently (which I do not expect at this point).  F-word situation is much improved.  Kittens show no signs.  Big guys received Capstar and I've vacuumed/sprayed/laundered the bejeebers out of our surroundings for the past two days.  If they're not gone, they will be soon.  :-)

PPS--- I've been promised a major break when the dust settles (and only the Jeffersons here after Henry and the girls are healthy).  So this is just a ten day push to make sure my baby has a place to heal.  It's worth it to make sure he is okay.


  1. Oh, no!!! Get well, Henry!! And thank you, Kelly, for taking care of him and the others.....

  2. Oh boy do you need a break! We hope everyone gets well and does well and everything gets back to normal fast!

  3. Oh boy is right! Poor Henry. So glad to hear that you will be giving him some tlc when he is released. And bless you for taking on so much - you will definitely need some rest after all the babies that have been in your care. Whenever you do still start blogging again I will be here to read and until then take care :)

  4. Poor little Henry! I hope he recovers quickly.

  5. ewww - we hate the snots. we hope the kitts are feeling better soon!!

  6. Get better kitties! Hugs to all! See you when you're back Kelly.

    1. Thanks, Holly. I know you're not on Facebook, so I'll share the update that I just put there. Spoke to the vet just a bit ago. Henry is doing MUCH better and is ready to come home to recuperate. Tika and Abby improved enough to be spayed this morning. The three of them will be ready to come home either tonight or first thing tomorrow (depending on my schedule and what time my son's football game ends). I told them to Frontline the kits before they come home just in case everything's not completely dead yet. And now off to vacuum their room again....

  7. Yes, there are some pretty bad upper respiratory infections going around. But I know you wouldn't want sweet Henry recuperating any where else! Take care of yourself along with the kitties!

  8. Oh good lord, when it rains it pours, doesn't it? Take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else, Kelly! Glad to hear that Henry's doing much better. I look forward to seeing pictures of the madness when you're back. :)

  9. I’m here late as usual (west coast time) so it's good to read that Henry is doing better & coming home. Heck yes to “Kitties first, blogging second!” Come back and share when you feel ready. And Thanks for taking pity on the few of us still not on FB by updating over here too. Good Luck & Good Health to all the munchkins.

  10. Thanks for the update Kelly I appreciate it. I will give you MY little update for some good news. Oreo (is female) and is 2lbs and fairly healthy. This puts her at about the 8 wk mark like we expected. She had no fleas but did have some nasty ear mites and some roundworm. She got her shots and some meds and is due for a recheck in 3 wks. She has slept most of the day of course. If I can I'll post some more pics to keep everyone going over on Flickr. If anyone wants to friend me there-its ok.

  11. Ditto on the thanks for the update -- and the positive news re the you-know-what words. Yay. Am sending prayers for Henry et al. Hope you can grab a moment or two of rest here and there.