Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh Look, It's a Basket!

You know I'm tired (make that mentally and physically exhausted... big shout out to back-to-school complete with THREE school open houses, fall sports season, and life in general) when:

A. I fall asleep on the sofa at 8:30 p.m. and continue to sleep there until 6 a.m. the next morning when my husband turns on all of the lights and starts yelling at the kids to get out of bed (Hmmm... I wonder when they actually went to bed last night.  I'm just not asking that question)

B. I mentally compose an entire post about the Adams kittens discovering Eloise's basket yesterday afternoon and spent quite a bit of time taking pictures of them enjoying said basket (you remember this one, right?)

And then when I upload the photos to Blogger at 6:30 on Thursday morning because I took a really long nap last night, I discover that it's not the same freaking basket!!!

So anyway.... here's a bunch of pictures of the kiddos in a basket.  Enjoy :-)

"Hey Look, Shelby.... It's a basket!"
"Bentley likes this basket.  Bentley claims this basket and will call it 'Bentleyland' "
"Hi Lady! Please focus your camera better next time. The picture will be much cuter."
"Bentleyland, Schmentleyland.  Hudson will sit in the basket if he wants to sit in the basket."
"Excuse me, pardon me... Shelby's coming through."
"Hudson will teach you to walk all over him while he is enjoying a basket.  HE GET YOUR TAIL!"
**chaos ensues**
"NOW look what you did!!!"
"HEY!  What happened to Bentleyland?"
"Bentleyland??  I thought we were calling it Shelbyville."
"Possession is 9/10s of the law."
"And I'm not getting out, so there."
"Cruzie isn't getting into this argument."
"Cruzie will, however, have a snack.  This basket is delicious."

The following morning when the Lady wakes up from her several hour long nap on the sofa, she spied something through the door.

It appears the kittens have reached some sort of agreement and, perhaps, have learned to share.

A basket full of tuxies!
Everything's better with a brother.


  1. Don't you hate it when that happens....I have had entire posts done in my head only to discover that I didn't get the picture I thought I had..... But hey - no matter which basket, those are some cuties having a good time!

  2. Oh, a basket full of Tuxies!!! That made my morning! :)

  3. A tisket a tasket some Tuxies in a Basket..

    I love Bentleyland and Shelbyville. I'm just glad they called a truce.

  4. It's awfully cute, even if it's not the same basket!