Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cruzie Tuesie (Well, Kind Of...)

As you'll recall, our Miss Mally had issues with Cruz cramping her style in yesterday's Mally Monday post.  So little brother took matters into his own hands for today's post.
Seems to me that I remember another brown tabby who insisted upon chomping on the camera lens...
Dear Henry Washington had similar tastes.

And speaking of the Washingtons...

Eloise and Porter were adopted over the weekend!!!!!

Our teeny tiny tabby princess Eloise was adopted on Saturday.  

After weeks of waiting at Petco, Eloise finally met her match.
"When will they ever come for me??"

Wheezy's new mama brought in her two sons, 10 and 13 years old, to pick just the right kitten for their family.  The boys spent close to an hour carefully handling and interacting with the girl kittens (it had to be a girl) and thought our Eloise might be just the one.  They spent another hour alone with Eloise... petting, playing, snuggling, cuddling, and falling in love.  It was a done deal.

Bye Bye, big girl.  Don't forget to write.

Our sweet baby Porter (aka Porkchop) went home on Sunday.

Our gentle little lamb found the perfect new mama.  She's an older lady who lives alone and was looking for someone special to keep her company.  She found two special someones.... Porter's new buddy Danny from Petco went home with him to be his new kitty brother.

"I hope their feet smell better than yours do, Lady."

Porter's new mama lives very close to Paula, the lady who runs the rescue.  She has already invited us over to visit Porter whenever we like.  I'm sure we'll be hearing more about our boy in the future.

I can't wait to see more of him as he grows.

That just leaves one Washington at Petco...
What on earth is taking Henry's family so long to find him???


Health Update

The Adams kittens visited the vet on Monday for their 8-week-old vaccines.  Thankfully, they were all big enough to get a dose of Capstar while they were there (okay, Hudson was technically one ounce too small but they fudged it).  The dreaded f-word should be on its way out of our house now.

Right before we left, I sanitized and sprayed down their room with a flea treatment.  We stayed gone until the Capstar had done the deed.  Each one of the kittens appeared to be clear of hitchhikers on Monday evening.  Think good thoughts that the spray keeps the bugs away.

After coming home, I vacuumed/sanitized/sprayed the rest of the house room by room.  Beds have been stripped, sheets washed in hot water, animal beds and toys washed and freshened.  The spray says it kills fleas/eggs/larvae on contact for seven months.  I'll settle for a couple weeks when everyone can have another dose of Frontline.  Just in case, I plan to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth into the carpets, upholstery, and litter boxes in the morning to keep any new friends from visiting.

The permanent residents have been on regular Frontline since late winter, so they should be in the clear.  Mother Jefferson and the midgets cleared a round with the flea comb.  Good news is good news.  Just hope the news continues to be good...

Tuesday Morning Edit

I should have thought to give an r-word update while I was typing last night.  The fungal culture that the vet's office is running on Norman and Charlie takes 7-10 days to produce an accurate result.  I'm told that the r-word generally grows quickly and that most positive results become clear by day 3 or 4.  We are on day 8 and the test still reads negative.  The vet says he is inclined to believe it will remain negative, but will not feel safe to call it an absolute negative until the end of the week.  In the meantime, Norman's spot is growing its fur back (which would make me believe it's negative).  Charlie's is not yet, but the swelling is going down and the skin color has returned to normal (another good sign).  I'm just hanging on for another few days...


Moving On Down...

Mother Jefferson and the kittens left the upstairs bathroom Monday evening... and moved on down to the master bathroom instead.  (They will be moving into the front foster room once I'm certain that all of the bugs have checked out of the hotel and that the Adams clan is clear to move to the family room).

The kittens started by exploring a Charlie bed, lining the floor of the open shower.
Mama Isabel wasn't certain that she approved of this set up.
"No... This won't do.  It won't do at all."
Apparently 3-week-old kittens can climb out of a Charlie bed on the floor of the open shower.
It didn't take Mama long to relocate the babies.

You've got it... they're on the floor of the linen closet.
Willie Rae had all sorts of complaints.


Tuesday appears to be a long, interesting day.

The kids have the day off from school for a teacher professional development day.
(I know... on a TUESDAY???)

I've promised to spend part of the day shopping for a 10th grader's dress for the Homecoming dance.
Dear Lord, help me to return with most of my marbles.

The rest of the day will be at football practice and a soccer game.

If I don't make it back to post tomorrow, here's a video of Mama and the munchkins to tide you over...



  1. No school on a Tuesday, after going to school on Monday and the rest of the week is just crazy! Have fun shopping for a dress. Thanks for the Washington update. I am so happy for them. When you correspond with them tell them I still have some of their pictures in my screensaver folder. I miss them. My only regret about my new kitty-she isn't a brown stripey tabby. She is however, cute and settling well into a routine :) Vet is tomorrow.

  2. It seems really odd to have a Tuesday off from school. Hope your dress shopping goes well!

    Mother Jefferson really likes those linen closets, huh? Too cute!

  3. Wow - that is quite the update!!! Too funny that Mama Washington is VERY sure those kittens are staying in the closet....wonder what she will do when they get ideas of their own.

  4. I'm glad to hear of the adoptions. It's great knowing they have a home at last. Good thoughts to Henry!
    I'm impressed w/ all the cleaning. My dreams of fostering never ever include cleaning. Well, no fleas or coddies either. I guess that's why they’re just dreams. So, thanks again for sharing your foster experience.

  5. Yay for more adoptions! And we got our fingers and paws crossed that all the fleas and ringworm are gone gone gone! for good! Love the video!!