Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday with Friends

A continuation of Wednesday's trip outside the foster room...

When we left our intrepid kitten explorers, Princess Malibu had settled down for a rest in a sunny spot in the foyer.
Sister Shelby came along to crowd into Mally's sunbeam.
She wasn't alone.
The rest of the story told without narrative for maximum "AWWWW" effect.


Eyeball Watch 2012 Continues

Clay's eyeballs are starting to reveal a bit of kitten blue.
"Yeah, and Clay still doesn't like it when you take him away from the squirming kitten mosh pit."
Clay's sister Willie Rae was the next Jefferson kitten to find her eyes.
"Wille Rae should have listened to Clay and kept them CLOSED!"
A few hours later sister Florence started to peek out at the world too.
"WAH!  Florence is the whiny baby of the litter and wants her eyes closed and her body back in the closet!!!"

We're still waiting on Lionel and Roxie.  Lionel is very close.  Roxie appears determined to wait until October.

Update:  As of bedtime (mine, not theirs) Thursday night we were up to 8 eyeballs.  Lionel and Roxie each have one.

Something else about Roxie's appearance... Creamy white kitten with ear tips of gray, getting darker and darker by the day.  Light tabby stripes are starting to develop on her tail and toes.
What is this girl going to look like?
I can't wait to find out.


The Poop Report

The Adams kittens had improved enough for me to postpone calling the vet on Thursday.  Things are starting to firm up... not perfect, but ever so much better.  They are eating, drinking, and playful.  No one is dehydrated.  They are, however, crabby that I'm not letting them out of the foster room for the time being.

We will be in a wait and see pattern here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town for the upcoming weekend.  


  1. Aww-kisses for Mally and pats for Charlie! Just what older brudders should do.

  2. Charlie is just SO perfect! Love, love, love him with the babeees!

  3. yep - that is some serious AWWW moments going on there....

  4. Awwww, Charlie, you are SO SWEET!!!!

  5. Good news with the Poop Report! And a great photo essay. It’s fun to see them interact & play.

  6. You guys always provide the maximum SQUEE factor. Glad all are doing well!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp