Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Okay... It seems as if every time I tell you what I'm planning for the next day's blog post, the universe intervenes in a BIG way and compels me to write about something else entirely.  Today was supposed to be Malibu's spotlight day, but I think you'll understand why the topic has changed for the day.  I hope she will too.

"I don't know, Lady.  This had better be good."
Thankfully our Malibu is pretty easy-going and willing to go with the flow.
These character traits were especially important when this happened...

The Adams kittens had a visitor in the foster room Thursday morning.
From left to right: Charlie (duh), Shelby, Malibu, Hudson, and Bentley (in front)

I will interject here that I had grand dreams that Norman would take an interest in foster kittens. Perhaps taking on the role of Uncle Norman and patterning himself after the fabulous Charlene Butterbean.  Unfortunately, he seems to be committed to play the role of Uncle Norman as if he's a character in one of those Chevy Chase "Vacation" films.  He's there, but not particularly helpful.  The kids are good for one thing... food.

The kittens kept their Stranger Danger (TM) suits mostly packed away for the occasion.
Because, seriously... Why would you need a floof suit when it's just Cousin Chuck?
"So THIS is the guy who bumped Mally out of the spotlight, huh?  Hmm... He's okay, I guess."
Chuckles inspected the kittens for cleanliness.
He cleaned them up when necessary.  Charlie tongue!
He let the kittens inspect him too... breath and toenails were especially important.
"When was the last time the Lady gave you a breath mint? Ewww."
Cruz admired Charlie's collar while Shelby marveled at how tall he is.
Kleptomaniac Cruzie tried to make off with Chuck's ID tag.
"HEY!!  It is very shiny and would coordinate beautifully with Cruzie's coat.  He just needs a collar.  WHY CAN'T CRUZIE HAVE A COLLAR?????"
They told each other secrets.
"Don't tell Malibu, but Bentley thinks that he's the Lady's favorite."
"Psst... Don't tell Bentley, but Malibu thinks that SHE's the Lady's favorite."
Charlie was kind enough to humor both of them.
They played games like "Try to Get Cousin Charlie to Pick Me Up with His Nose"
And when that game didn't work the way they envisioned, they switched it to "Boop Charlie's Nose" instead.
Bentley told whoppers of stories about the size of his latest mousie catch.
And Charlie pretended to believe him.  He was the perfect gentleman caller.

I will close out this portion of today's blog by mentioning that Charlie was truly the perfect gentleman.  He was gentle with his touches, careful with his foot placement, and tolerant of anything and everything the babies tried with him.  And I was never more than an arm's length away, just in case.


Something else interrupted Mally's photo op on Thursday.  Or should I say someone else... or a group of someone elses.

Meet the Jeffersons.

I was driving Clyde to Petco when I got a call about a tortie mama with five newborn kittens (3-day-old newborn kittens to be exact).  We're doing the overlapping litter thing again.  The  Adams kids are so healthy that we're anticipating being able to send them to Petco in two more weeks (when they are 8-weeks-old and can receive their next set of kitten shots).  The Jeffersons will be living in the upstairs bathroom until the foster room opens up.

They don't seem to mind the accommodations. 
Five itty bitty babies... 3 tabby, 2 white.
Don't quote me on this later, but I'm pretty certain we have 2 boys and 3 girls.  I'll announce names next week when I'm more certain of what we have.
Mama moved them all out of the box and onto the tile floor in the bathroom linen closet.
She did accept a blanket later on (the one in the photos above).

Mama is exceptionally affectionate.  Purring all the time and seeking out attention.  I have to be careful coming in and out of the room.  She's been known to jump up to greet me and lets her nursing babies fall to the floor.  But she is a good mama who clearly loves her babies.  I can't wait to get to know them better.


Things I'm working on this weekend:

1.  More Norman photos
2.  A family shot of the Adams kittens

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness - you certainly have your hands and paws FULL! And you're looking for work OUTSIDE the home? I can't believe you even have time to get the mail...

    1. Have to look for work to help pay the bills :-/. The good thing is that, even with two litters in the house, they are remarkably less work combined than the Washington litter was on its own. Good health makes things so much easier. I'm really only necessary for feeding and cleaning the box... the socializing part is fun and relaxation time, better than television. And Mama is doing all of the work upstairs. All I need to do is feed her. Not tough at all.

    2. Oh, and it's sometimes several days in between trips to the mailbox. Luckily the kids can usually be counted upon to look on their way up to the house from the school bus.

  2. Yay! Charlie with the kitties! So cute!

    And ANOTHER litter? They are so young!

    1. ANOTHER litter? That was my husband's reaction... and mine, to tell the truth. The rescue was worried about Mama's health on Tuesday and there was a chance these kittens could have ended up bottle babies. I had already turned that down (too busy once school and fall sports to be tied to a feeding schedule).

      I ended up putting them in the upstairs bathroom, so that it only really affects the kids (and they're happy to shower in my bathroom... it's usually Mom's special "no kids allowed" room, even my husband uses a different bathroom!)

  3. Yeah for Charlie.....we don't have a dog here (cause the adults would revolt) but we love when kittens come from foster homes with that experience. :)

    Purrs to the new family - they will be fine in the bathroom for quite a while.....I have been known to lay out several towels and blankets in case mom decides to keep moving everyone around.

    1. Mama has absolutely convinced me that she knows what she's doing. She had fleas, so got a Frontline and a Cap-star treatment yesterday. Babies got a bath followed by frequent going-over with a flea comb. I'm going to be changing on the bedding for hot water washes daily until I'm satisfied they're all gone. But I've got a huge supply of old towels that my kids have so thoughtfully pre-ruined for me, so it's no big deal.

      They will move downstairs when the Adams kids move out. Probably in two weeks.

  4. Oh Cousin Charlie is so sweet with those babies! And the new crew -- OMG, so sweet!

  5. That first picture of Cousin Charlie and the kittens BELONGS on Cute Overload! What a sweet, sweet boy.

    I just thought of this this morning - Kara (and probably Maggie, as well) used to get up and run to the door when I walked in, leaving her babies squawking and rolling around. I bought a baby monitor (one with a camera on it) so I could check to be sure the babies weren't nursing before I walked in. Worked great - and with Maggie I actually upgraded to a webcam, so I could look on my computer to see what they were doing before I went upstairs.

    1. Charlie is definitely a treasure.

      A baby monitor is something I will think about for future litters. Mama isn't so anxious to jump up so far today. She's figured out that I'll come to her and she can stay where she is. I can't get over how freely she lets me handle the babies. Those screaming babies aren't quite so sure about it.

  6. Wonderful Cousin Charlie-so gentle! Hugs to all the animals and humans. You are doing a wonderful job Kelly. I can't wait to meet the new little ones next week.

    1. Thanks, Holly. I'm amazed at how gentle Charlie is with the babies, especially since he's so free with stomping on my feet. But I guess he figures that's okay since I weigh more than he does.

  7. Oh, bitty bitty babies!! And don't freak out if Mama Jefferson (oh, flashback to The Jeffersons! Will there be a Wheezy and George in this litter??) keeps moving the babies to the tile floor. Tabitha would take her kittens out/off of the many beds and blankets and move them to the hardwood floor at different times, much to my dismay. My vet told me not to worry - Mama was going to do what she wanted to do!

    Oh Charlie - I am such a fan of yours!

    Have a good weekend - boy are your hands full!!

    1. Definitely not another Wheezy. That's our Eloise. Probably not a George, either. But maybe a Lionel or a Florence. Jury is still out until I'm sure on the genders. Two names (a boy and a girl) are definitely decided... ones I've been wanting for a while. So I've got room for 3 more in this litter.

      As long as the kittens are content, I'm content. She's such a good mama. If she says they sleep on the floor, then they sleep on the floor.

    2. It just dawned on me that I should be referring to Mama as Mother Jefferson! Isn't that what Louise called George's mother?

    3. You're right! I was just about to correct myself as I was re-reading everything... Mother Jefferson was a pill on that show!

  8. I can't thank you enough for taking that sign off MY forehead and sticking it on yours!! *knocks wood the shelter doesn't call and ask me to take a second set of fosters*

    1. HA! I have since removed the sign from my head. Turned down yet another litter this week. Really? I needed 3? My house may be big, but it also has 3 kids, 2 cats, and a dog permanently living here... and a husband who is merely humoring this, not actively taking part or necessarily enjoying it.

      When the Adams kitlets are gone in a couple weeks, the sign is not going back on my head either. Fall sports require me to spend 7 days a week on a field somewhere in the greater Shelby/Macomb area. JOY! In the meantime Mama Jefferson is doing all of the work for me. I just need to make sure her needs are met (and she's easy to please thus far)