Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Look With Your Eyes and Not Your Mouth, Please

"Hmm... what's this? Bentley doesn't recognize it by sight. Bentley doesn't recognize it by smell."
"Maybe just a little taste..."
"Hmmm.... Tastes like chicken."

Time to put up the blind cords... and time to get some new toys into the room.  I brought in a basket of new toys and the kittens ran like their tails were on fire for the rest of the evening, especially if someone had just opened the door.  6 weeks old and already deciding the confines of the foster room are too limiting.  Only one kitten has refrained from making me chase him throughout the house.  I knew Hudson was my favorite ;-)

Planning a little field trip to the family room for Wednesday.  


Mama Isabel is still keeping her pipsqueaks on the floor of the bathroom closet.  Such wonderful accommodations... litter box to the left, toilet the right.  But they're protected, warm, and loved by their mama so I guess they're okay where they are.  At 8-days-old the midgets are able to get around well enough to find themselves behind the litter box or on the tile floor outside the closet whenever they misplace Mama.  She may want to move them to a structure with walls soon.
Teeny tiny nose, teeny tiny toes, and a toothless open mouth and a tongue hanging out.  She looks like a little old man too.


 Don't look now, but someone has TWO eyeballs.
"Just because Clay has them, doesn't mean Clay wants them.  This world is skeery.  Please don't make Clay look."

As of 9 p.m. eastern time on Tuesday night, we have 5 newborn kittens with 2 eyeballs total.


Update #1  Clyde was adopted from Petco within the first 48 hours.  Good thing, too.  From what I hear, our little man was quite unhappy to be there... every.single.second.  Happy Life, sweet boy.

Update #2  Henry, Porter, and Eloise remain at Petco, but are confident and happy things who are currently ruling the roost over there.  There has been interest, but something has cropped up to stop an adoption every time (most recently, someone who was planning on declawing one of my babies... NOT happening.)  I spent about an hour with them on Tuesday, snuggling and playing and marveling at Eloise's growth spurt.  She's still teeny tiny and still has her ginormous bat ears.  Their eyes are looking a million times better and none of them showed distress when I arrived or when I left.  They're going to be just fine (although I am still sorely tempted to put them in a pocket and run for the hills... not that I would have to do that... or that they would fit there any longer.)


  1. Don't worry Clay, the world looks a lot better once it starts coming into focus.

  2. Oh, I hate it so much when I hear that an adoption of one of my babies fell through because the adopter was planning to declaw! That's why Corbie ended up with us, actually, because the guy and his wife were going to declaw.

    And I love it when the babies first open their eyes and have that skeptical-old-man squint. :)

  3. Yay for he babies and for Clyde! I'm sure the adoption thing will pick up soon and work out for the "just right" person.

  4. Yeah for Clyde. We know the kitts will find the RIGHT forever homes soon. :) And if you think chasing escaped kittens is fun, try it around 3am in the dark. adds a whole new dimension to the game....

    we have tried a big dog bed for momma cats with tinies before. works for most, but not all. the last crew (and it has been a while), the mom kept moving them OUT of the bed until I gave up.