Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Maxie Moment

Exciting news!!!!! "All-the-Way Mae" was trapped and spayed on Wednesday morning :) One less kitten factory open for business. Marmie and Harold are on the schedule for Thursday (now we just need to get them to cooperate with our ideas... keep your fingers crossed!)


While we wait for the All Stars to grace us with their presence, we have pictures from the kitten catcher. You saw Miguel yesterday. Today, you get to meet the life of the party... Miss Maxie.

She the tiniest but the biggest in personality. I can't wait to meet her.

Oh... and there's video.
(Sorry about linking instead of inbedding. 
Blogger Video is giving me fits lately and I don't have time to figure it out.)


  1. Cute! That second picture is a meme waiting to happen.

  2. Oh my heavens!!! What a fabulous and spirited kitten she appears to be! Some of these pictures just made me laugh out loud!!

  3. Yeah for Mae (and good luck with the other two).

    Miss Maxie looks like she is gonna give you a run for your money. You may want to warn the Roo in advance. Love that second picture!!

  4. Hooray for Mae! I hope the other cats cooperate...oh yeah, they are cats aren't they?

    Miss Maxie is quite the character. I love the second last photo...she's totally zonked!

  5. She is the spitting image of my first cat! Shes lovely and I'm sure she won't have any trouble charming some new humans!

  6. The second photo is priceless. IT looks like she is saying "Me! Me! Look at ME!"

  7. Those are some whiskers this little lady has! I also just LOVE her name.

  8. OMG, she is KILLING me..

    cover her with kisses and tell her they are from me would you??

  9. btw, if you want to embed videos and blogger isn't being helpful from the youtube page you can click on share, then click on embed and find the code there..

    in your post you have to click 'html' instead of compose and then paste the code where you want the video to show up.. click compose again so you don't have to blog in html :)

  10. she is adorable! she's got that tuxie personality!