Tuesday, August 27, 2013


For those of you who follow us on Facebook, the following entries might look a tad familiar. Stick around and read the whole thing, though. There might be some new information for you :)


WANTED: A loving forever home for an affectionate and adventuresome little girl. Must have "high rise" spaces for this tree-dwelling kitten to occupy along with a healthy supply of feather teasers. Must also love purrs, kisses, and a kitten rubbing figure-8's around your ankles. 

Garnet is a tabby kitten with a gorgeous splash of orange on her forehead (and orange spots in the shape of a heart on her chest!). She is part Siamese and it shows in her exotic-looking angular face and long, lean body. That Siamese blood also contributes to her desire to be up high. She is a curtain climber who can absolutely be trained or helped to find other more acceptable high places to occupy. Prospective families will need to assess their homes and lifestyles for climbing-kitten friendliness. 

Garnet is a lover who purrs all day and all night. She wants nothing more than to rub your legs and will launch herself at them with gusto. She isn't much of a lap-kitty yet, but is so loving that I imagine she will become one as she settles down into adulthood. She is a treasure and anyone who is looking for a kitten to add to their family would hit the jackpot with her. 


WANTED: A forever loving home for an affectionate and gentle little girl. Must have boxes for sitting and a large supply of sparkle and crinkle balls for chasing. Must also love purrs, snuggles, and being given the stink-eye with regularity. 

Belle is an absolutely gorgeous torbie kitten with marbled tabby markings on her sides, an orange striped necklace, and mismatched toes. She has big round eyes that make her look innocent and sweet (and the good news is that she really IS too!). Those eyes have the uncanny ability to give you the stink-eye in a flash. 

Belle is quieter than her sister Garnet and not likely to be the big mountain climbing, curtain rod sitting princess than her sister is, either. She sits still for longer periods of time, loves to be held, and will more than likely turn into a wonderful lap kitty. She entertains herself easily given the proper toys. She loves smaller toys that she can carry and chase... sparkle balls and foil crinkle balls are her favorite. And if you had a box for her to sit in? You would make her the happiest kitten ever, which is only fair because loving Belle would make you one of the happiest people ever too.


And now for the new stuff...

Our little torbie twins are not without admirers. In fact, we have received more than one application for one or the other of the girls that has fallen through for one reason or another. They are in demand and you certainly do not want to miss out when you get the chance. And here's your chance...

The kitten catcher and I have been discussing how far we might allow the girls to travel away from home and we made a very important decision. We would very much prefer homes where we have the chance to watch our wild girls turn into adult ladies. I may not know any of you if we passed on the street, but we "internet know" each other quite well. In fact, I probably "internet know" many of you better than I would ever "know know" strangers at an adoption event. Therefore, regular readers (or even irregular readers, we know how life is) who promise us updates and pictures are welcome to submit an application for one or both of these outstanding girls. It would be extra helpful if we could become Facebook "friends" and I could peek into your life at the moment and get a glimpse of where our babes might be living.

One of the previous applications that fell through included a long distance trip for one of the girls. We found ourselves willing to spend a day in the car to deliver the precious cargo halfway along her route home. We offer the same to you... I will drive 4-5 hours from my home one way for the approved adoptive family. Where will that get me, you wonder? Chicago, Illnois. Cincinnati, Ohio. Erie, Pennsylvania. Just to name a few places. If I can put my kids on the bus in the morning and get home before bedtime (or preferably, dinner), it's a place I'll consider kitten swapping.

The girls visit the vet for their last set of vaccines on Wednesday. We are also working with a rescue vet to schedule their spay surgery within the next couple of weeks. They will be available to travel after a reasonable time to heal following surgery.

You can find me in the private message box for Whiskers In The Window on Facebook or at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com. Think about it. This might be the only chance you ever have for a Teeny Tiny Tabby Town original.


The deal detailed above will not apply to any of the All Stars. A wonderful local rescue has agreed to sponsor the three tuxies and help subsidize their medical care and spay/neuter surgeries along with Miguel's hernia surgery... not sure if I ever mentioned that here... he has a herniated umbilical cord (if cord is the right word for that) which will be repaired during his neuter surgery. The rules of that rescue apply at the time of adoption and I'm certain they will require local Michigan residents. One of them might already be spoken for anyway. 


  1. glad you have some help with the all-stars!! :)

    purrs for the girls - we bet they would be a great match for lots of families

  2. Good luck and best wishes to the girls! I've already shared their pictures with my friends.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful and I'm positive the right forever home will come. How kind of you to offer transport - now if only I didn't live in Canada! *LOL*

  4. technically it is an umbilical hernia.. You haven't mentioned it and I'm sorry he has one but I'm glad someone has stepped up for their care.

    I so hope you find a home for them right quick. That is a darn generous offer to transport them.