Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Many Moods of Miss Maxie

But first... an Adoption Event Update: The Mayweather girls did beautifully at their very first adoption event on Saturday afternoon. They met their adoring public and were willing to be snuggled and purred a bit. As was the plan, they both returned home with me afterwards while we evaluate the applications that we received. No concrete answers yet, although I imagine at least one of them might be leaving us by the weekend. In the meantime... if you're interested in adopting a Mayweather girl (or even an All Star) for your very own, you know how to reach me. Don't wait too long or they might just be gone.


The Many Moods of Miss Maxie

Mildly interested

Barely tolerating you

"What'chu talking 'bout, Lady?"

Pondering the answer

Deciding she doesn't like the answer after all

Done with the Lady

Wondering why the Lady is still here

Wishing the Lady would go away

Talk to the paw

Contemplating the Lady's purpose

Demanding a belly rub

Enjoying said belly rub

Satisfied with herself

"Don't get any ideas, Lady!"


The socialization of the All Star kittens is moving along. Maxie is an interested, social, friendly kitten who loves attention, holding, and belly rubs. Her sister Princess Torii no longer hides, no longer runs when I enter the room, and grudgingly tolerates petting and being held. She has even unwillingly purred for us. Miguel is a different story. He's backslid over the weekend, choosing to hide all of the time, and when I tried to touch him on Sunday morning? This happened:

Dude went all Tasmanian Devil on my arm.

It's not his fault. As the day went on, it started to become clear what the issue is. Poor little man isn't feeling very well. He had an eye infection (that resulted from an injury) before moving in that we thought had cleared, but apparently hasn't. He's a goopy, drippy, eye-glued-shut mess. The good news is that he let me clean him up and has had his first dose of medication. He should be back on track within the next couple of days.


Don't worry if I miss a day or two around here this week. With 2 days of freshman orientation, 1 day of junior registration, and 1 day of 7th grade registration, combined with school pictures, hair cuts, back to school shopping, scouts, band, a job, and a kitten with an infected eye, I might run out of coherent things to say by the evening. I'll be back as often as I can, but this week has been the one I've been dreading all summer. See you on the flip side ;)


  1. Ouch.....

    Glad all the girls are doing well and hope Miguel is feeling better soon.

  2. Poor Miguel! Having a hurt eye is no fun. But neither is a scratched up arm! Hope you both feel better soon and have a good week!

  3. Insane week ahead, yikes! I hope you and Miquel heal quickly and he gets more sociable. Maxie is a cutie!

  4. Oh my, Maxie's whiskers and eyebrows are killing me dead. I LOVE tuxies, and she's got the same amazing eyebrows that my dearly departed Loo had. If you were within driving distance, I'd be sorely tempted to head over and scoop her up!

    Good luck getting through this week. I can't imagine HOW you manage it all.... And hope Miguel feels better soon!

  5. Poor little dude! Hope he is better soon. Good luck with the back to school mayhem.

  6. Wow-the All stars are coming along! Best wishes for success in all your endeavors this week.

  7. Miss Maxie reminds me a bit of Miss Melly..

  8. Maxie's whiskers are simply phenomonal!!

    I hope Miguel is healing up nicely (poor little guy). And your arm too, hope that's healing up nicely -- eek.

    Good luck with your crazy week :)

    Btw, Clara is doing really well!! She is gaining confidence by the day, her leaping skills are spectacular, and she is just the sweetest little lovebug. I will try to send a pictorial update soon :)

  9. *sigh* just what I needed another dose of kitteny goodness..

    give them all kisses for me.