Thursday, August 8, 2013

Regal Princess Torii

EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I reported that All-the-Way Mae (Mama All-Star) had been trapped and spayed. She is resting comfortably at the kitten catcher's for a day or two before decisions will be made in regards to her future. Today, the trap worked its magic again. Marmie (Mama Mayweather) finally found her way into a trap on Thursday morning and was spayed that afternoon. Phew. Two kitten factories out of business forever. Now to work on the daddies.


Our petite, sweet, regal Princess Torii is the quietest of the litter... perhaps a bit shy.

But she's coming around. And she's gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

And lest you think she's all seriousness...

Maxie has a bit of influence on her, it seems.

The Mayweather girls are complaining about a lack of blog attention.

I suppose there shall have to be a weekend post to satisfy them.


  1. Wow! These kittens are lookers!

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  3. Adorable!! Concats on Marmie....and good luck with the boys.

  4. My gosh but these two are gorgeous! Somebody needs adopt them together they are so stunning. But kisses to Garnet and Belle, our other stunning pair. We can't wait to see more of everybody!

  5. If she's shy, she doesn't take after her Tigers namesake very well, does she? :-) And haven't they been fun to watch this week?!

  6. Hooray on the Mommy Makers being trapped!!! LOVE the pictures of some very sweet kittens.

  7. Beautiful kitties! You guys are so good to catch them and fix them up and get them to good homes.

  8. Oh Torii you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind..