Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday With Miguel

Has this gentleman purred for you today?

Yeah, me neither.

Miguel does purr for all three of my kids, as has done so today for each of them as well. I'm the big bad eye drop lady. I grab him without his permission and stick stuff in his eyes. I am uncool. We're learning that if you just sit next to him and stroke gently (without threatening to pick him up) he's more than happy to have your attention... at least as long as it's not me offering it.

Princess feels the same way. Can't you tell from this imperious look?

Miggy's right eye (on your left as you're looking at it) still has a ways to go, but it looks a bazillion times better than last week. The girls, however, are looking a teeny bit red and goopy so we have added eye drops to their regimen as well. They all love me. They really, really love me.

"Don't worry, Lady. Garnet loves you."

"Belle too!!!"

"Don't forget to rub Maxie's belly!"

Also sending some love?

Norman and Einstein's rose bushes surprisingly began to bloom one last time before fall begins. Three huge blooms this weekend and about a half-dozen or more buds about to open. I've never considered myself that much of an enthusiastic gardener, but these bushes make me extraordinarily happy.


  1. yep - nothing to make you feel the love like being the "mean lady of the meds". :)

    LOVE the very cool

  2. It is why I usually do meds before food. so much is forgiven when there is food involved :)

    Love the rose, and I adore that it bloomed again for you again..

  3. It's a good thing you're safely far away from us in Florida, because the head peep is absolutely enchanted with Garnet and the heart on her tummy! They're all such beautiful kittens, they're going to steal their way into hearts and forever homes soon, we're sure.

  4. What a mess of cuteness! Hope their eyes clear up soon so you aren't the mean eye drop lady and get the loving you deserve!