Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Much is the Kitten in the Mirror?

You're so vain.
 You probably think this post is about you.
Don't you?  Don't you?  Don't you????
In fairness to Clay, he wasn't the only one.
Willie Rae realizes for the first time that there's something different about her forehead.
Poor little fraidy cat Flo is a teeny bit skeered of her reflection, don't you know.

Lionel?  Lionel was too busy eating the feathers to be bothered looking in the mirror.

Someone else wasn't too busy to be photographed for you, though...
Norman decided to go a little bit of punk rock for the holiday.


  1. I don't know.. but I think when you're that cute, it's ok to be a litte vain!
    Leo was very afraid of Mirror Cat for a very long time! They have an uneasy truce for the most part now.

  2. Adorable pictures today-esp Norman! I hope to have some new pics of Oreo up on my Flickr page soon.

  3. Too cute!! I love when kittens see themselves in mirrors or in other reflections for the first time. When Jinx was a baby he use to box with himself when he passed my black refrigerator or dishwasher!

    And I always sing "How much is that kitty in the mirror" when mine are sitting on the bathroom sink looking in my makeup mirror.

    And is Norm trying to go punk or Rastafarian??

  4. Every once in a while one of the kittens will walk by the mirror on the back of the bedroom door (ends up in the hall with the door closed) and will JUMP when they see that strange kitten. Not all of them do it, but it is funny when it happens.

    Poor Norman...... MOL

  5. OK, seriously, the post IS about him!! as well it should be :)

    Once I had a foster kitten go all floofsuit at a mirror, and he did the hoppy dance to the end of the mirror and then got VERY confused where the other kitten with the impressive floofsuit who also did the hoppy dance went..