Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday (Now With Even More Norman!)

"What do you mean it's not a celebration of Normie-ness?"
"We could watch tv all day,"
"And have some snacks,"
"And catch up with our Facebook and Words With Friends,"
"And play with toys,"
"And have another snack,"
"And perhaps an adult beverage too,"
"And then we could sleep it all off before we start all over again."
"We don't even have to take a bath today if we don't want to... we're family!!"
"But that's not the kind of Black Friday you were talking about, huh?"
"Norman does not think he cares for this holiday after all."


Monte Carlo celebrated the holiday in a new home :)

 Meanwhile, we're still cleaning up the mess that our guest stars left behind.
 If you'll remember, those feathers used to be attached to the pumpkin.
Rox on the Rocks... hee hee


We return to Petco on Saturday with Willie Rae, Mama, and Abby.  Willie Rae will be making afternoon visits as she has the past couple of weeks.  Mama and Abby will be moving into the condos with Henry and Tika.  We're really making a push to get our "teenagers" and adults adopted before the holiday season is over.  I will have an update (and lots of new pictures) on Monday.

Some marmie baby antics to tide you over through the weekend.
These are the two orange brothers of Bear the black ball of fluff.
Thanks to Jackie, their foster mom, for sharing this with us.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Norman is my kind of cat. I did some online shopping yesterday and some late night deals were gotten too. We are traveling back home today. I hope everyone enjoyed some tasty treats and snuggles with family. See you all on Monday :)

  2. we think spending the day with Norman would be MUCH better than any shopping (not that mom ventures out to shop today, but still)

  3. I'd rather have a Norman kind of black friday!
    that video is adorable! And yay for the adoption!

  4. Now this is my kind of Black Friday!

  5. Norman is simply the best. (Cue music!)

  6. I have a black kitty as well. Abby & I agree, this is the BEST kind of Black Friday. Norman is awesome! Abby's orange and white sister, Atilla, would disagree with us though :)

  7. I say we declare the day after Thanksgiving Norman's Holiday -- my kitties and I will certainly celebrate it with him!