Friday, November 30, 2012

Five for Friday (plus a couple extra...)

We packed up the troop and headed to the vet on Thursday for 6 check-ups plus vaccinations and one upper respiratory re-check.  All seven fosters, four carriers, one foster mom... surprisingly, we all survived the loading, the drive, the check-ups, the nail trims, the shots, the re-loading, and the drive home (although Peeps was not at ALL sure he would survive the wait in the Starbucks drive-thru lane on the way home).

The girls spent the rest of the day looking like this:

And this:

And this:

The boys were just a bit more willing to pose for you.


Woodward just oozes sophistication, doesn't he?


Cooper prefers to model blankets and stare at the inside of his eyelids,
but he really does love you... promise.


Rocky looks a bit dusty, but his undercoat is actually gray (look at the tail for his remarkable shading!)  He's kind of a mix of brothers Bentley and Hudson.


He's sexy and he knows it.

And Lincoln

(Who made the most of his moment in the spotlight)

Work it, Lincoln.


Health Update

First the weights:

Willie Rae          3 lbs, 5 oz
Peeps                5 lbs, 2 oz
Rocky               5 lbs, 10 oz
Cooper              5 lbs, 14 oz
Lincoln              5 lbs, 14 oz
Woodward         6 lbs, 1 oz
Abby                 6 lbs, 1 oz

(Yes, 4-month-old Woodward is the same size as 7-month-old Abby)

Now the eyes:

A few of the boys have had a bit of a goopy eye since before their move to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.  Peeps, Cooper, and Lincoln are on eye drops for the next week or so while it clears up.  In the meantime, Peeps is perfecting the pirate look as seen above ;-)

Abby's eyes present a bit more of a problem.  You know that we've ridden the upper respiratory roller coaster with our Abby in the past few months.  Her symptoms have always included a leaky, watery, matted right eye... which we always attributed to the respiratory infection.  The vet decided to take a swab from her eye and nose yesterday and, upon closer examination of the eye, made a discovery.  Abby has an adhesion of the inner two eyelids... meaning they are fused together.  Her tears cannot drain normally to the ducts, so they weep down the nose instead.  So...

Our sweet girl will need surgery to separate the eyelids and a recuperation period here with us before she is available for adoption again.  We don't have a date set yet.  She's back on Baytril for the sneezing for the next ten days.  We will probably let her finish the course before sending her back to the vet.  Our rescue director Paula will take care of the actual scheduling and I'll keep you posted.

Apparently, Abby's eyes work plenty well enough to do this:

Yep, she's skinning the toy mice pretty regularly.
I sure hope she's passing down the skill to Willie Rae in their cuddle puddle sessions.


The Weekend

Woodward will be leaving us tomorrow.  We met his new mom and dad Thursday night.  They are lovely people who just adopted another (slightly younger) kitten and decided that their new baby needed a big brother.  I'll get lots more pictures of him before he goes.

I'll be starting a round of Tree-Defender on Sunday.  The boys are safely tucked into the foster room and shouldn't be a problem.  We shall see what trouble Abby and Willie Rae can create.

"Tree? Did you say Tree?  Funny you should fail to mention being worried about the trouble that Norman could cause.  Because the Lady has no clue what Norman would do to a tree either."

The rest of my weekend will be spent learning how to use my new fancy camera (my birthday-slash-Christmas gift this year).  Hopefully I will learn enough to bring you in focus photos on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS--- There were questions about our new blog for the rescue yesterday.  The link is permanently over in my Blog List on the right as "Futures 4 Felines".  Or you could just click here.  For the time being, it will only be updated on Mondays with our featured pet listings and event updates but (hopefully) we will get more posts in the works soon.


  1. Rocky's white ear floof kills me dead.

    1. He's like a little old man with all that ear hair! He's such a handsome gentleman to begin with, but the ear floof just makes him devastatingly so.

  2. Such a lovely bunch of kittens you've got yourself there..

    happy birthday!!

  3. Poor Abby - but at least they know what it is and can fix it. :) And those girls do appear to be holding a grudge. Had to laugh about the Starbucks comment - I did a drive thru at one point with HOWLING fosters and was a huge hit at the window (thankfully it was a slow part of the day so they could appropriately ooo and awww). Congrats to Woodward - and good luck with the tree. MOL

    1. I just hope my tree pictures show an UPRIGHT one on Monday ;-)

      I feel terrible for Abby, but I'd feel worse if she weren't here with me. She'll just have to spend Christmas here instead.

  4. Oh dear Kelly. I'm glad Abby has a warm place to recover in. Beautiful pics and thanks for the size info. Oreo and I just got back from the vet ourselves (last vaccination). She is now 5 lbs 4 oz. and SO LONG! She had such attitude today though. My normally sweet kitty was hissing and growling the whole time. (She is curled up resting on my chest now just as sweet as can be though). Oh and I hope Norman can control himself and behave for you with the tree. Have a good weekend and a happy birthday:) It's my daughter's too!

    1. Awww... so she's roughly Peeps-sized :) I'm always surprised at a hissing kitten (good thing they're so stinking adorable) Willie Rae is an entirely different cat at adoption hours than she is anywhere else. It's like she knows I'm trying to give her away, so she's making herself as unattractive as possible for adopters.

      Happy birthday to your daughter!

  5. Great adoption news for Woodward. Yup, Lincoln is knock-out. And Rocky's ear tufts are wonderful. Quite a bunch of cuties. It's fun to see the current gang recapped.

    1. Such a handsome crew and so dissimilar in looks that it's hard to imagine they're all brothers, but yet I see a few similarities (eyes, face shape) that link a few together here and there and end up making the circle of 13 complete.