Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Guest Star Harvest Celebration

Before we get started... Jackson and Ollie need a new home.  They live in SE Michigan (metro Detroit area).  Please contact Suzanne or myself if you can help... and share, share, share.

(Thanks to Robyn Anderson for making the graphic!)


As the holiday approaches, we enlisted some guest stars to help us with the blog for the rest of the week.  The faces you see below are just a few of our bountiful harvest of kittens this year.

The Brothers Jefferson played in the leaf pile.
But they weren't sure jumping was allowed.
So Clay sat and looked pretty for the camera.
Look at how nicely his nose coordinates with the autumn leaves!
Worried Lionel worried when his toes touched the leaves.
But he put on a brave face and posed in them just for you.
Pretty girl Roxie makes a pretty picture in the leaves.
And another one...
And another one...
"Roxie is NOT showing off for the camera!!!  Don't blame Roxie for being beautiful!"
We certainly have much for which to be thankful.  
That last face may or may not be helping make the pies today... stinker.


Little Baby Rae keeps getting braver and braver.  She's figuring out the tennis ball game with Charlie.  He rolls the ball and Willie Rae chases after it.  When she walks away, he grabs it and rolls again.  She still isn't sure if she is supposed to make friends with him, but it seems inevitable at this point.

I introduced Mama to Abby today in hopes of beginning a friendship that they will take to Petco when they move in over the weekend.  They met nose-to-nose, gave each other a friendly sniff, and let each other live in peace in the main house.  Not everyone was so pleased to see Abby arrive, though.  It was Willie Rae who hissed at her.  That girl is developing  her very own Torbie Tude.

I'm hesitant to say that Mama will get along with all cats just yet.  Simba and Norman avoid her whenever she leaves the foster room (Simba on the top bunk in the boy's room; Norman on the kitchen counter).  So I'm not sure if she accepts Abby because her protective hormones are calming down or because Abby is a smaller female.  Only time will tell.  

But if she puts one mark on my Henry in the Petco condos.... her name will be Mama Mud.


  1. Jackson and Ollie, I hope you find a furever home soon... you are both so handsome, cause we blue kitties rock!

  2. I adore this photo shoot.. the leaves, the kittens, the expressions.. :)