Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Look Out World...

The Jeffersons Are On The Loose

Our fraidy cat Jefferson kittens are a million (a billion, a bazillion) times more timid than your average Washington or Adams kitten.  Fearless inside the foster room, they were clingy, trembling messes outside of it.  I assumed a couple of reasons for this...

**The presence of their mother: They were (rightfully) far more dependent upon their mama and therefore trusted my world less.
**Contagions in the house: You name it, we had it... upper respiratory, ringworm, fleas.  Most of their little lives, I've had to keep them hidden away and segregated.
**Nature: They're sweet little loves, but not Washington or Adams kittens.  They are who they are.

Adding the Jefferson crew to Petfinder reminded me that part of my job remained undone.  Our babies needed exposure outside the foster room.  Not so much for meeting Simba, Norman, and Charlie (although there is an added benefit in knowing how they will react in such situations), but because it is somewhat imperative that a kitten not jump out of it's fur when someone turns on a faucet or a microwave.  Yep, that's how jumpy they are outside the foster room.  


"Are you SURE that Roxie should be out here?  There's a dog and people with shoes and FIRE out here!!!!"
"Someone will get hurt on that plane, Lady.  Just look of Florence... She could fall off!!!"
"Clay should really get down from there before Lionel prepares for takeoff, Lady.  Make them get down!"
"Seriously, Lady... It's dangerous out here."
"See?  Lionel's just asking for trouble if he tries to play basketball with Mr. Simba."
"RUN, LIONEL, RUN!!!!!!"
No kittens were harmed in the making of this photo story.

The kittens have had a few short field trips outside the foster room in the past couple of days.  They enjoyed it so much that they charge the door now whenever it's opened.  Lionel, Clay, and Willie Rae are the most determined to escape.  Roxie and Florence will leave if you insist ;-)


A Few More Adoptables...

Check out Petfinder for our most current list of adoptable kittens.  You may see someone you know... perhaps a Jefferson, or a Washington, or a Malibu Adams.  She was added to Petfinder yesterday, although it will be another week or two before we would give her up.  The photos are all mine from her time here.  I'm going to try and see her this weekend and get you fresh photos.

If you check the link, you could see these new friends of mine too...

Bamm Bamm
Dino and...
(Who might have already snagged her forever home)


  1. Aww that expression on Roxie's face is just great. Roxie-you need to trust the lady-it's okay.

    I looked at Petfinder yesterday Kelly. There's lots of lovely kitties there sure to be scooped up soon.

  2. Too funny......it is amazing the difference between some groups. But - considering how fast they adjust, we have no doubt they will be bouncing around and fearless in no time!!

  3. this is why I am so glad I am able to bring foster kittens in to work for a few hours.. gets them out of the foster room and gets them exposed to new things. When the owner is in town I can't, so I try to bring them to other pet friendly places.. and if all else fails I just bring them upstairs to another room in my house :)

    love the photo story, so cute..

  4. I love the shy cats. It's worth the wait, when they finally warm up to you. IN fairness to Lionel, Simba does look a tiny bit scarey with that hissy face. And Oh my, that Bamm Bamm is a handsome fellow, isn't he?

  5. Oh boy do I know what you mean! When I got my Leo, he'd never seen a TV in his life! The first time I turned it on, he crouched down low and slunk out of the room, afraid of all those new people! It took him several days to get over it, MOL!