Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teeny Tiny Torbie Tude on Tuesday

Please excuse the interruption... Between workmen in the house, my husband home on Veteran's Day, and the beginning of Parent-Teacher Confereces for three children in three separate schools, my planned photographs did not get taken on Monday.

Don't worry.  Willie Rae is giving me the side-eye for all of you.  She and I had just been discussing how Willie Rae seems to have the least internet exposure of all of the Jefferson kittens.  You know what sounds like a perfect idea to me?  Willie Rae Wednesday... Please check back with us tomorrow.  Maybe I can even get a torbie to smile.


  1. No apologies allowed Kelly! You do what you have to do. Oh and try to convince your schools to move your conferences to the half a week before Thanksgiving thereby giving you a whole week off. That's what our schools did a few years back -we used to have conferences over Veteran's Day weekend with Mon and Tues off. Now it's a whole week off a week later with conferences the first 3 days and Thanksgiving the rest of the week. Guess how many actually attend conferences now? Oh and we also get off for Deer Hunting Monday. I HATE that but that's another topic entirely!

    1. Oh that idea would be heavenly! We already only have a two-day week during Thanksgiving (they give the kids Wednesday off because so many families were taking it anyway to travel).

      I think the major problem is that my kids have gotten too darn old. One in the high school and one in the junior high, which means conferences take on a whole new meaning. The high schooler has six classes, so six teachers to talk to, which means lining up at six different tables and waiting a half-hour or more in order to talk to a teacher for five whole minutes. Repeat for the junior high kid but add one more teacher because my kid still in elementary school actually takes advanced math at the junior high during 1st hour. The schools each hold three 3-hour conference sessions and I'm lucky to finish during a single session.

      How I miss the days when all 3 of my children were in elementary school... when the school made a point to schedule our conferences back-to-back-to-back and we had a set 15 minute time period to talk to the teachers. But I have to schedule her conference on a 4th day so it doesn't conflict with the high school/junior high conferences in case I need more time there.

      And yes... deer hunting. We're in too much of an urban area now for the schools to have a day off in celebration, but I did just deny my husband's request to take our son out of school for a couple days this week for the start of camp. Neither shoot at anything. It's "hanging out with the guys". My 8th grader can stay in school for that.

  2. Nothing wrong with skipping a day or two now and then. Any longer than that and I usually go into withdrawl on mine though! MOL What a sweet little face, even if it does look like she's giving you the business!