Friday, November 2, 2012

Foxy Mama Friday

Our gorgeous Mother Jefferson doesn't make herself available for photographs very often.
But when she does...

 Just look at that beautiful buff mixed in with her dark, dark black.
 Our tortie mama is unlikely to stay still in front of the camera because she really would prefer to be in your lap... purring, snuggling, purring, (did I mention purring?)
 You can hear her deep, calming purr throughout the foster room.
The fact that her kittens rarely purr is surprising to me since their mama is all purr, all the time.
"Love me!"
"Don't look at the kitten.  Look at the mama!"
"WHAT???  Willie Rae DOES love her Mama!  And, no... Willie Rae is NOT too big for this!!"
"Do you SEE what I put up with?"
"A Mama's only revenge is jumping on them and giving them baths... dirty little brats."
"WAIT!  Where are you going?  Take me with you!  We could get a latte and a pedicure and discuss fine literature!  Or heck, we could take a nap uninterrupted! WAAAAAAAAAIIIIITT"



"Roxie! Roxie! Let us in!!!!!! There's a DOG out here!"
"Lionel! Lionel! Let me in!!!!! The handle is right up THERE!!!!!"
(P.S. I love that Flo is hopping on one leg trying to get in through the window)

"Hmmm.... Flo AGAIN????!?!?!"
"Flo thinks she looked good on there.  Better than Clay....."

"Oooooooohhhhhhh... Florence LIKES fishies!!!!!!!!!!"
"Um... Lady?  Why is that big man making those weird noises at Florence?"
"ANOTHER short one???  Can Norman inquire as to your limit, Lady?"
"Is Norman not enough for you?"


Now I ask you.... HOW could you possibly put him down to do housework?


  1. Mama Jefferson, you have done well with your kittens. They are beautiful and curious and floofy! But is that a bribe that Florence is trying to give you in that picture up there? Oh the horror! I thought Flo was a law abiding kitty. :)

    1. HaHaHa! Now you know how Flo gets so much coverage in the blog!

      I hadn't thought what that might look like, but no... Florence is not offering a bribe. That, in fact, is a business card with my Petfinder passwords written on the back. It's time to upload their pictures and profiles (although I'm stalling with this group).

      It would have been a much better story if I had written this post as a bribery scandal though.

  2. that is one cute momma - but we think a latte break would have been appreciated by all. :) kittens crack us up - if they are in they want out, if they are out they want in..... haha

    1. I left their door open while I cleaned their room this morning. Mama and Lionel left. Willie Rae hung out in the doorway. The rest stayed and played with the sparkle balls I found under the table.

      They will get more and more time outside the room soon. We need to get them a little better socialized to normal "home" life and noises. They aren't nearly as brave as our past litters... jumpy little munchkins.

  3. Mama Jefferson is such a pretty girl. She will make someone a very nice companion. I'm trying to remember -- does Mama Jefferson have a name other than "Mama Jefferson"?

    1. Mama's name is debatable (depending upon who you ask). The rescue has named her Patches. I prefer to call them by human names, so I had originally decided to call her Isabel (for the time that she's here). But "Mama" is the name that comes out of everyone's mouth at all times when talking to and about her... at our house, at the rescue, wherever. I'm not sure she'd answer to either of the others, but she will answer to Mama.

      The name Patches will probably appear on Petfinder and the adoption contract. I reserve the right to re-use Isabel for a future kitten instead.

  4. I like the one of Flo peeking around the side of the laptop.. it almost looks like she's trying to slip you green papers to get featured on the blog more