Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monster-Sized Monday

Okay, so it's not quite Monday.  Lots of developments here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, though.  Go grab a fresh cup of your favorite beverage, find a comfy spot, and put your feet up so you can relax while I fill you in.  I'll wait here until you come back ;-)

Ready?  Here we go....

When we left off on Friday, we were planning on introducing the beautiful Jefferson babies to their adoring public at our Petco adoption hours on Saturday afternoon.  I made it my mission to get a picture of our fab five together one last time before they left.  This is how it went:

Four beautiful little faces... looking anywhere but at the camera.
So serious... and seriously not looking either.
Bazinga!!!  We have achieved one kitten looking.  Hey Clay, will you tell your brother and sisters to look this way please??
"Hey guys... the Lady wants you to look at the clicky box.  Make nice and maybe she'll go away and let that girl wave the feathers at us."
(Rude sound effect from Roxie)
"Why should Roxie have to look if Willie Rae doesn't even have to be in the picture?"
"Willie Rae is right here!!!!!  Click away, Lady!"
Almost there.
Mission accomplished (sort of)... Five beautiful Jefferson babies, aged 9 week and 5 days
(From Left to Right: Roxie, Florence, Clay, Lionel, Willie Rae)

And so we celebrated by letting the girl wave the feather thing at the babies.

 Oh sure, now they all look in the same direction.
 Meerkat Florence tries to get a leg (or two) up on her competition.
 Clay's got it!
 Nope... Roxie has it!
Or maybe Lionel instead ;-)

After the babies got good and tired, they decided to have a snack and a nap before leaving for Petco.

"Really??? Aren't they a little old for this?"
"When are you leaving again?"


The Adoption Report

We arrived at Petco on Saturday afternoon to learn that someone was already spoken for...

Should it really surprise us that this beautiful girl had internet admirers?

I simply could not have asked for a better family for our Roxie.  They saw her picture on Petfinder and it was love at first sight.  They drove roughly 100 miles round trip to bring her home.  It's those eyes... they're mesmerizing.  Actually, her points sealed the deal.

Roxie has big paws to fill.  Her family adored their late lynx point cat for over twenty years.  Our girl batted those beautiful eyes, showed off her points, and settled into the arms of her new family members as if she had been there all her life.  There were lots of goodbye kisses and (before she left) I asked her to remember to write and let us know how she is doing.

Turns out that her new family had checked out our little blog before they came over.  They promise to check in from time to time and let us know how she is doing.  I, for one, cannot wait to see what those points look like on an adult Roxie.  As I was looking her over on Saturday, I discovered a tiny orange spot on her foot... and at the tip of her tail.  Girlfriend may just be a calico lynx point.

Someone else wasn't very far behind his sister...


I wrestled with the decision to keep Clay or not to keep Clay all week.  I'm a firm believer that when it's right, you know... and I didn't know.  My life is a bit topsy turvy at the moment and I have two senior cats to consider.  And the truth is that I can have foster kittens to snuggle pretty much any time I want them.  I struggled and fretted right up until the moment that I put Clay in his new mama's arms.  He's in the right place.  I just know it.

Clay's new family also lost a beloved kitty this year.  They need him and he needs them.  It's perfect.  Clay went to a big and busy family... lots of kids and lots of fun await him.   While they were waiting for the adoption paperwork to be processed, they went shopping and bought him a feather teaser with sparkle balls attached to the end.  This boy has it made.

I won't pretend it was easy to say goodbye.
But the kisses helped.
(And Clay's new mama has also promised to send us pictures and updates as he grows)

And yet another Jefferson had a new home awaiting her...

Miss Florence the belle of the internet ball had a dozen phone calls made for information about her.  Our sweet, shy girl went home on Saturday afternoon with a pair of seven-year-old twin sisters and their dad.  I won't claim to be anything less than tickled that, when shopping for a cart load of toys and supplies for their new kitty, the girls chose a red Christmas cape for their new kitten to wear.  Remembering what I did to my cats as a girl, I imagine that Florence has many days of playing dress up in her future.

I only hope to see a picture of it.

In other adoption news...

Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle (or is is Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea?) have a new home... together!

So does Bamm Bamm.

We saw this familiar face too...

It's Little Mally Boo Boo... much, much bigger than I remember.


Two kittens came home with me Saturday afternoon.  After running around for several hours like their tails were on fire, it was finally time for a rest.

So much roomier when there is only two.

Mama watched two kittens, and only two kittens, come out of the carrier and immediately went inside to look for the missing three.  She spent the majority of the weekend meowing at the foster room door.  I think she believes we're hiding them from her, or that they're lost and need help finding their way back... poor Mama.  Just to mess with her, I took Lionel and Willie Rae back to adoption hours on Sunday.

"Why you bring Lionel back here, Lady?"
"Being back here makes Lionel worried."
"Willie Rae isn't too thrilled to be here, either."

Lionel and Willie Rae did indeed return to Petco on Sunday afternoon, and they both came home with me again.  Sunday adoption hours are notoriously slow, and this Sunday was no exception.  Both received oohs and aahs from interested parties, but neither found their new home... yet.  They loosened up a bit while they were there, too....

 "HEY!!  Look what Lionel found!!!!"
"FOUND??  Don't you remember just a minute ago when that was WILLIE RAE's sparkle ball?"
"Oops... Did you want Lionel to give this one back to you?"
"Because LOOK!!!  Lionel found a blue sparkle ball too!"
"Lionel loves blue sparkle balls!"


The Plan for the Upcoming Week

1.  Love Lionel and Willie Rae for an extra five days.
2.  Love Mother Jefferson through her spay surgery and recovery later this week.
3.  Love Henry, Abby, and Tika for a few more days... it's almost time for them to return to the adoption center.
4.  Take lots of pictures.

We'll be back on Tuesday.


  1. Awwww, I teared up reading about Clay! You are such a great foster mom and I just love the way you write.

    1. Thank you so much! I think I care about them too much sometimes, but someone has to!

  2. So happy that Roxie, Clay, and Florence found their forever homes. I am not surprised that Roxie went first. She would have been my pick!

    1. She is such a gorgeous kitten. It completely surprised us when we uploaded the kittens to Petfinder and nearly all of the calls about this litter were for Florence. She's a beautiful girl too, don't get me wrong. But we have lots of tabbies who have waited far too long for adoption (Henry, Tika, and Abby, for example). I knew those Roxie eyes weren't staying with me for long, though.

  3. Wow, you had an action-packed weekend - congrats on all the adoptions! I hope the adopters follow through with emails and pictures. I love seeing the babies grown up and happy. :)

    1. I *really* want to know what Clay and Roxie look like as adults. The development of their coloring was so very interesting. They were changing by the day towards the end of the time they were here.

  4. I know letting go is so's great that you get to see the adopters so I hope that helps a great deal. When you know they are wanted and will be loved, there is nothing else more you can ask, there are more kitties that need love and a "Mom" to show them the way..

    Thanks so much for the update! I so hope Mother Jefferson gets her forever home soon too!

    1. It did help quite a bit to see them with their new families. 6 more fosters to go... Mother Jefferson gets spayed this week, so she will be on the market shortly.

  5. Yay for all the success stories however bittersweet. I hope Lionel, Willie Rae and the others have continued success next weekend. So great to see little (I mean bigger) Mally doing well also :)

    1. You should have seen Mally... "Okay, Lady. You have hugged me long enough. Put me down so I can play." So, yeah... she's bigger, but the same ;-)

  6. We're so glad some of the kittens found homes! We know they will be happy. And we're sure all the others will find homes real soon too!

    1. If everything goes according to plan, I may be kittenless by the end of next weekend. Or maybe not. I am hearing rumors about the Madisons.