Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trouble on Tuesday

They look peaceful, don't they? Looks can sometimes be deceiving.
Okay, okay... ABBY is peaceful. Willie Rae? Maybe not so much.

Exhibit A:
The noises in the video were produced by one, not-quite-three-pound baby girl.
They had nothing to do with the dog and everything to do with wanting a feather teaser all to herself... brat.

Exhibit B:
Our Miss Willie Rae is growing into her Torbie Tude.
The best toys are hers... and she will growl at you before you even think about touching them.
The foster room is hers... and she will hiss at the boys for being on the other side of the glass.
The stairs are hers... and she will growl at Mr. Simba if he wants to walk past her on them.

And then she turns into a snuggle bug of epic proportions.
My lap is rarely empty, which is an awesome thing... especially in December.

I love her more every single day... Torbie Tude and all.


We're still working on getting to know the boys.
I can tell you this much, though...

Peeps is the man on a mission, always into everything.
Rocky is Mr. Relaxation, that boy can nap in any position at any time.
Lincoln is the worried, sensitive statesman who just wants a quick snuggle.
Woodward is a big fluffy teddy bear of a kitten who is as quiet as a mouse.
And Cooper?
Cooper lives to hibernate, under the blankets and under the furniture,
except when he's not.

Exhibit C:

I'll have more photos of the boys tomorrow.


  1. Ha - "Let us out! Let us OUUUUUUT!"

    1. He did that for a solid hour. When I pulled out the camera, he gave me another ten seconds. Brat.

      He let Peeps take over today ;)

  2. yep - torbie/tortie/calico...they all have it. I love feeding the tiny kittens and listening to Emma give her brothers heck. :)

    And we think Cooper wants OUT!!!!

    1. I'm so used to escape artists in that room. Not one has actually left yet (even if the door is wide open).

  3. We know all about that torbie-tude. We've got Zoey! And she's full of torbie-tude!!

    Wally & Ernie

    1. It's like having Einstein back. It's kind of nice (while she's here).